Corrupt County Says No to Discovery in Pitchfork Protest Farmer Lawsuit

Martha Boneta, the farmer of pitchfork protest fame, was fined by Fauquier County, Virginia for selling farm produce and hosting a birthday party for eight 10-year-old girls. Her tiny farm store was shut down during prime harvest season.  Because she could not sell her vegetables, she donated them to a local food bank. Nice lady; rotten county. She subsequently filed a ten-count lawsuit in the county's court alleging violations of the Constitution, state and county zoning laws, and the Freedom of Information Act.  The defendants include the board of zoning appeals that ruled against her, the county's unelected zoning bureaucrat named Kimberley Johnson, and the county's five elected supervisors. It was pretty apparent for the world to see that zoning czar Johnson violated the Freedom of Information Act when she handed documents to Boneta's lawyer at the zoning appeals hearing, days after they were due, and not in time for Boneta's lawyer to study them to argue Martha's...(Read Full Post)