Bumper Stickers Reveal Democratic Posers

Twice this week, I did a double-take upon seeing Obama bumper stickers on vehicles.

After months and months of Obama's class-warfare campaign rhetoric against "the rich," and after four years of incessant blather about "green energy," I saw the driver of a Cadillac Escalade proudly sporting an Obama sticker.  Yes - an Escalade.

Um...say, Buddy...what's the carbon footprint of that Escalade?  And what's the sticker price on it?

Lately Obama has been campaigning furiously in the Great Lakes swing states, hoping that the taxpayer-sponsored bailout of GM and the UAW will propel him to victory.  During the debates, he yammered away about his desire to produce jobs for American workers.  So I wasn't surprised when, two days later, I spotted a vehicle with Michigan plates displaying an Obama sticker with the slogan "Osama is Dead, and GM is Alive."  I was surprised to see that that vehicle wasn't manufactured by American UAW members at GM - it was a Toyota Prius!

It reminded me of the time I was driving on the interstate through Cleveland in the summer of 2004.  On my right was a fat guy, nose smugly in the air, in a big, champagne-colored Lexus SUV with a "Kerry-Edwards" sticker on it, serenely enjoying his air-conditioning behind tinted windows.  Just then, an old, rusted-out Ford Escort with no hubcaps, no muffler, and no A/C went blasting past on my left with a "Bush-Cheney" sticker on it.

"Party of the common man," my eye.  Just where do the Democrats get so many posers -- oblivious to their own hypocrisy - from, anyway?


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