PJ Media's Bryan Preston to guest on Moran's show

Join us tonight for another swashbuckling episode of the RINO Hour of Power, hosted by Rick Moran with special co-host Jeff Kropf of KUIK radio.

The campaign is entering its final two weeks with the polls showing a very tight race. What will be the strategies of both candidates as they head for home? What states will they concentrate their resources on? What are some of the likely electoral college scenarios in play?

To answer these and other questions, Bryan Preston of PJ Media will appear as a guest. The panel will also review last night's debate and talk about the media's role in deciding the election.

The show streams live from 8:00 - 9:00 PM Eastern time. A podcast will be available shortly after the end of the show.

You can join us live by clicking the icon below or by clicking here.

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