Brass, Lies and Videotape

Truth is not the métier of politics. Not only is the objective of politicians to say what they think we want to hear in order to get elected, but those at the top, such as the president, have the leader's dilemma - their followers want to be led fearlessly into the future and don't want to hear the leader's doubts nor failures. When Jimmy Carter said "I'll never lie to you" it only showed he didn't know what business he was in.

But, to paraphrase Benjamin Disraeli (19th century British prime minister), there are lies and damn lies. While all politicians dissemble about what they are going to do, it is far less common for them to lie about what they already have done. But that is what Obama does constantly.

For instance, Reagan never balanced the budget and did not actually cut back government.  But he never denied he said "evil empire" or that "communism was headed for the scrap-heap of history."  Not did he deny that he cut taxes. Indeed, that was one of his achievements.

But that is not what we get from Obama.  He actually said during the 2008 campaign that it was his objective to bankrupt companies generating electricity with coal. He has been anti-fossil fuels as a policy.  He is for green energy (a pipe-dream, but that is a different subject). He dramatically cut back on drilling leases on public lands and canceled the Keystone Pipeline as part of his anti-fossil-fuels policy.

But now, on the campaign trail and in the second debate, he is touting the increase in oil and gas production on private land in the last four years (most of which increase is from fracking that his EPA is against)!  Leaving aside the slack politicians are cut when talking about the future, Obama does not defend his own policies in the present!  Everybody knows that he is against fossil fuels. But does he proclaim that policy as a reason for another term? No! Now he is running as a fossil fuel producer!

This is a kind of dissembling that we have not seen before. Lyndon Johnson never denied that he expanded the Vietnam War. Nixon never denied that he implemented wage and price controls. To give him credit, Jimmy Carter did not walk away from the Iran rescue mission.

But Obama carries out his own policies and then, rather than running on them, runs away from them.  He thought it appropriate to bow, and bow deeply, to the Saudi king. No president had ever bowed to a foreign potentate before, let alone a desert bandit. When it came out, Obama denied it!  When the picture hit the web - today's videotape - his spokesmen said that he was leaning down to shake the king's hand.  The point being that Obama took an unprecedented step, presumably in pursuit of a policy, and yet denied it when it became public.

And now he is trying it on Benghazi. The administration said for weeks Benghazi was a reaction to the trailer for "The Innocence of Muslims" (for which there does not actually seem to be a film). Hillary's speech on the trailer as the reason for the attack is easily remembered because of the slow-talking schoolmarmish tone she used. Susan Rice was out there paying her dues as a "made woman" of the administration by peddling the trailer-as-cause line.  The guy who made the trailer was rousted out at 1:00am, with film crews waiting, for allegedly violating parole.  Absurd statements were made by Hillary and Obama about the "respect" accorded religion in the United States (presumably not including school prayer, displaying the Ten Commandments, or having crèches or Christmas trees on public property).

This line was pushed by the regime for several weeks.  But now that it has conceded that Benghazi was a terrorist attack unrelated to the film trailer, it is denying history that has just been made and that can be recalled on YouTube by anybody!  Now that is brass!

What does this mean?  The administration does not expect to be held accountable for its deeds.  It knows there is virtually no public support for its deeds.  So it tells damn lies to conceal them.