ARGO: Behind the Scenes

The current number two box-office hit, ARGO, deals with the exfiltration plan formulated by CIA officer Tony Mendez to rescue American diplomats who escaped from the U.S. Embassy in Tehran after its seizure by Iranian revolutionaries in 1979. He constructed a detailed fake Hollywood backdrop to smuggle out the six American diplomats, who were being hidden by the Canadian ambassador. After seeing the movie and reading the book of the same name, it became obvious the movie took some Hollywood liberties while keeping to the spirit of the story. The intense plot will remind Americans about those violent days in 1979, along with conjuring up thoughts on what is happening in the Middle East today. American Thinker interviewed Tony and Jonna Mendez, who served as the CIA's Chief of Disguise, about the book, the movie, and their careers. Tony headed the department from 1974 to 1979 and Jonna from 1989 to 1992. Hollywood, as usual, took some liberties with the story by...(Read Full Post)