7 More Simple Things Mitt Should Say (but only if he wants to win)

In a word, Mitt has momentum.  The beauty of momentum is - unless disturbed by an outside force - it builds.  So Mitt needs to first and foremost not be the force that disturbs his existing momentum.  Better yet, he needs to add to his momentum.  Continuing with the earlier theme of "keep It Simple Stupid" - KISS - here are 10 more things Mitt should do or say in his next debate performance.   1. 4 Numbers:  Mitt needs to pound just four numbers to win, all of which are up on President Obama's watch: unemployment, the deficit, gas prices, and poverty.  That's it.  If there is any "genius," it is in the simplicity.  As some put it, just stay on message.  If he wants to add a fifth number for contrast, he can pound the only number that has gone down on President Obama's watch:  his golf score. To make this come alive in animated fashion, Mitt says...(Read Full Post)