Who Would Fail to Help a Baby Fighting to Survive?

A thought experiment: A living newborn baby is found abandoned. What would you do?

Would you wonder what the mother's intentions were and base your actions on her decision?

Would you walk away?

Would you stand there and watch the newborn struggle?

Would you kill the baby?

Would you do whatever you could to help the child?

I would suggest that if you put this question to just about anyone, they would choose the last answer. Responding to a baby with love is not just some unexplainable instinct. It's not just morally the right thing to do. It's how we're biologically hard-wired as humans.

And thank goodness.

But what of a person who seems to defy this hard wiring? What would you make of people who would act on any of the first four options above? Would they seem cold and calculating? Would they seem like a person with some sort of mental illness? Would they seem like someone who is missing an essential core? 

And so we have such a rarified person sitting in the oval office. For President Obama has defied this most basic human urge -- to respond to a baby with love. He has proven himself, through his voting record and his words, to be a person who would select any but the last option from the list above.

President Obama thinks children born alive after a botched abortion should be left to die. Or maybe worse. He leaves the door open for a doctor to determine how best to honor the mother's wishes. Does this mean the doctor should actively kill the newborn who is now living outside the mother's womb?

No one drives this point home quite as powerfully as Mark Levin.

Nor has anyone shined a light on this with as much grace as Melissa Ohden, a survivor of a failed abortion.

As someone movingly commented at The Blaze on an article featuring this video:

We live in a world where a "Botched Medical Procedure" results in someone remaining alive instead of dying.

I don't want to see the remaining days of the run up to the election focus on abortion. But I do think Obama's views on babies born alive after a late term abortion serve as a powerful symbol of the left. And we should hold it up for the entire world to see.