What Next for Civilized People?

Rage is escalating. And I don't mean in the Middle East.

I mean here at home, among conservatives.

Rage, dread, anxiety, you name it.

David Horowitz looks truly on the verge of I don't know what.

Bill Whittle appears pushed to a new level.

Mark Levin is waking up during the night scared to death.

I don't know about you, but I'm right there with them.

Among other things, it's getting old to read about media bias. I don't think this issue is cause for smugness or over confidence in conservative online media (though, thank God for it). The fact remains that our voices are not heard over the loud bull horns. And without that, where are we? As long as the media drives their narrative they will shape the minds of millions and millions of Americans. Say what you will about major media outlets and their decreased patronage, they still have enormous influence.

And so I wonder, what do civilized people do when madness swirls around and engulfs them?