Wash. Post plays war games about Israeli attack on Iran (but not vice versa)

"What if Israel bombed Iran?"  The huge headline, in inch-high letters, poses the question across the front page of the Washington Post's Sunday, Sept. 23, "Outlook" section. A smaller headline follows:  "For months, Israel has threatened to strike Iran's nuclear sites.  The U.S. has urged restraint.  If such an operation were launched, how might these three nations react? In turn, this is followed by three speculative articles about the likely impact in Washington, Tehran and Tel Aviv of Israeli pre-emptive strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities. What-if war games are constantly conducted by military planners -- and everybody can join in.  But what is striking about the huge spread in the Washington Post is that readers are only treated to a one-sided scenario -- Israel as the aggressor; Iran as the target.   Yet, there's a more plausible script that can be readily conjured up and which the Post could have used -- but didn't.  Such as: "What if...(Read Full Post)