Verdict is in: Obama speech a flop - even with Democrats

Politico is blaming this on Obama's strict adherence to the "politics of 2012" -- "a race that has been defined by relentless, almost mechanical efforts to motivate voters with narrow appeals to specific constituencies and to destroy the opposition as a credible alternative." Such may be the case, especially since for the first time in 30 years, a sitting president had absolutely no case to make for his own re-election. Even rhetorically (forget the delivery) the speech fell flat. It was like giving a sports report and not mentioning the scores. Many on the left were more than disappointed: According to the pool report, the official said the campaign conducted research on the various speeches "and I think the American people responded very well to the president's speech." "They first of all found it to be optimistic, they found it to be credible in terms of his ideas and goals that would help the economy," said the Obama adviser, adding that their research indicated positive ...(Read Full Post)