Timely reminder of Jewish ties to Jerusalem -- From your nearest synagogue

Who would have thought even a few years ago that Jews would need to remind the world of their historical and biblical ties to Jerusalem? Are Muslims required to validate religious bonds with Mecca and Medina?  Do Catholics find it necessary to adduce proof of links to the Holy See in Rome? But when it comes to Jerusalem, Jews suddenly find themselves having to prove to the world their 3,000-year spiritual and historical attachment to Jerusalem - their Eternal Capital, where Jewish monarchs reigned for a millennium, where King Solomon built the first Temple, where Jews, after a brief exile in Babylon, returned and built the Second Temple.  Where after the Roman conquest, Jews for the last couple of millennia bowed and prayed to Jerusalem as their sacred lode star. In a Middle East in chaos and turmoil, Jews increasingly are challenged to maintain and defend Jerusalem as theirs - whether against Palestinians or supposed Israel supporters looking for a quick...(Read Full Post)