Termites in Our House

If you became suddenly aware that you have a termite problem in your house, despite having signed up with a pest control service, what would you say if that service advises you to wait for four more years to see if things improve?  Well, would you cancel that pest control service?

America now finds itself in a situation where the economic foundation of capitalism is severely weakened by the termites of statism.  And the termite-in-chief has advised us -- actually implored us -- to hold the course and give him four more years to fix the problem.

We have tried the termite-in-chief's service for the past four years.  And now we find that, while he was engaged to fix problems, he actually made them worse through intentional neglect and adverse action.

The framework of our workforce is weakened by the jobless level; the  trusses of our energy supplies are so threatened as to place doubt on our ability to continue living in our own house; the financial structures that have carried us through wars and recessions are about to go over a fiscal cliff.  Our home is completely infested!

And yes, the termite-in-chief now comes forth and asks us not to look at the damage that happened on his watch; rather, HE encourages us to continue with him into the future.

Duh!  Just how stupid would we have to be to sign up with him again and watch the whole house fall down around us?