Samuel L. Jackson needs to tell the President to 'wake up'

Foul mouthed actor Samuel L. Jackson is asking Democrat voters to "Wake the F--- Up" and vote for Obama. Really, with our embassies under siege all over the world by militant Islamists, the Snakes on a Plane star Jackson should be telling the endlessly campaigning President Obama to "Wake Up!"

Obama's State Department and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just last month issued a report that said the killing of Osama bin Laden puts "the [al Qaeda] network on a path of decline that will be difficult to reverse."

And now, as our embassies are rocked and diplomatic staffs are brutally murdered, the chant from the crowd of barbaric protestors is "We are all Osama!"

Obama, his administration and political supporters, have been bragging -- as his only foreign policy achievement -- about the order he gave to kill bin Laden. This was most recently on display at the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte for the whole world to see. Is this the reason for the current furor in Islamic circles?

Wake up, Mr. President, and deal with it. Yes, you!

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