Romney Stuffs Obama, John Sununu Needs To Stuff It

This morning, at his impromptu press conference from Jacksonville,  Mitt Romney delivered three master strokes:

1) displayed his decisiveness in projecting American power to assert and defend its sovereignty and its founding core principles of free speech,  freedom of assembly, and religious liberty

 2) delivered his foreign policy in three simple but vital sound bites -- declare unwavering  American values stemming from the Constitution, display clarity of purpose, and willingness to project military power with the resolve to use it when prudent and necessary.

 3) By contrast highlighted Obama's mixed message fecklessness, naiveté, and crippling weakness in dealing with global threats to American interests.

Minutes earlier Sec of State Hillary Clinton followed the usual pee-on-the -ashes "smart diplomacy" condemning the violence and heaping praise on Libyan authorities for their pledge to hunt down and bring the perpetrators of such "senseless violence" to justice.  All typical blather from this administration equating global Islamic jihad with merely isolated extremist criminal justice breaches.

Romney was absolutely correct in rapidly laying the blame for the Cairo and Benghazi assaults on Obama's flaccid foreign policy that invites attacks on our nation's people, our property, and our sovereign interests.  Said Romney," It is never too early for the US to condemn such attacks...while the Obama administration gave mixed signals."

And while Romney wasted no time in leading from the front, his otherwise trusty ally and effective campaign proxy bulldog, former NH Gov John Sununu said " He probably should have waited..." .  Thanks John for undercutting your candidate at a moment of truth as Romney showed he has the right stuff to stand up for what most Americans are thinking.  At least those Americans outside of the salons and MSM green rooms where the Obama campaign taking points are being memorized.