Recap: Obama's work

While our embassies burned, Americans died, and violent protests against America continue around the globe including an attack on another Ambassador, our president jetted off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser, and on the heels of that one, had another hosted by Beyonce and Jay-Z where, by the way, no cameras or mics were allowed. (Apparently Obama doesn't want to tarnish his man-of-the-little-people image what with the floor to ceiling display of champagne bottles priced at $800 per bottle), gave interviews with entertainment magazines and posed for a photo spread, went on the David Letterman show, told Prime Minister Netanyahu he was too busy to meet with him, and idiotically blamed the Middle East violence on some two-bit "film-maker" whom he described as a "shadowy character."

Anyone - anyone! - please tell me why this man-child should be allowed four more years as President of the United States.

With all we know about him, one needn't make a long list to understand the gravity of the situation. Because knowing even just one thing - his communist upbringing, his associations with dubious characters, his Islamic sympathies, and so on - is enough to consign him forever to his role as a community organizer. At best.

Be gone, Mr. President. The day cannot come soon enough when you leave the White House and let us begin the task of picking up the shattered pieces of this country that you have strewn across the floor.