Obama's support down 25% in key demographic

One group in particular stands out in its decline in support for President Obama. Oddly enough, the major media are ignoring this startling finding.  Jonathan Tobin writes in Commentary Contentions:

 President Obama may be enjoying a slight, if likely temporary, bounce in the polls this week. But one of the surveys showing him with a lead in a tight race over Mitt Romney also provides a breakdown of the data that confirms predictions that he is losing up to a quarter of the Jewish votes he got in 2008. The Investors Business Daily/Christian Science Monitor/TIPP Poll gives a breakdown of religion along with other demographic groups and shows Obama leading among Jews by a margin of 59 to 35 percent with six percent undecided. While that is still a majority it is a dramatic decline from the 78 percent of the Jewish vote he got four years ago.

Obama has a 46-44 percent lead over Romney in the TIPP poll. That means Obama is suffering from a decline in support throughout the electorate from his 2008 victory when he won 53 percent of the vote. But the president's loss of approximately 25 percent of Jewish voters this year is not matched by a similar decline in any other demographic group. [snip]

the TIPP poll shows him threatening to rival Ronald Reagan's modern record set in 1980 when he won 39 percent of Jewish votes, the most ever by Republican since World War One. [emphases added]

As Tobin points out, while Jews account for a small percentage of the national vote, it is concentrated in Florida, a key swing state, and could be significant in Ohio and Pennsylvania, if they are close.

Needless to say, we are not seeing any media focus on Obama's loss of a quarter of his support among Jews.

Hat tip: Karin McQuillan


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