Obama's Bizarro World

When Elaine met a guy she described to Jerry Seinfeld as his "exact opposite," Jerry told her he was "Bizarro Jerry - like Bizarro Superman. Superman's exact opposite who lives in the backwards Bizarro World - up is down, down is up, he says hello when he leaves and goodbye when he arrives."

Sounds a lot like Bizarro media to me; the exact opposite of how you think a media from this world should be conducting their business, reporting only what the people they are supposed to be reporting tell them to report, glossing over blatant lies, ignoring the facts, practicing deception at every turn and giving life to every straw-man concocted by Obama and his administration to try and get the president re-elected in November.

And it's not just Bizarro media either; it's a Bizarro Obama administration as well. Doing the exact opposite with every domestic and foreign policy; nixing an oil pipeline to reduce dependence on foreign oil, apologizing for free speech to the people who murdered our Libyan ambassador, sending the FBI to investigate an act of war, investing in a solar panel company when they can be purchased cheaper overseas, suing states for enforcing federal immigration laws, borrowing more money instead of cutting spending, calling a terrorist attack at Fort Hood workplace violence, saying unemployment and food stamps help grow the economy, attacking success and rewarding failure, passing bills to see what's in them, bowing to foreign leaders, and the list goes on and on.

Evidently, both the mainstream media and Obama seem to be living in a backwards Bizarro World where up is down and lies are truth. So let's humor them both this November and say hello to Obama/Biden and goodbye to Romney/Ryan - and then get back to living in the real world.