Obama, the greedy boss

The LA Times just revealed that it appears that Obama pays his campaign workers less than the national average wage and Romney pays his campaign workers more than the national average wage.

In 2010 the national average wage was roughly $42,000 a year.  Yet Obama is only paying his campaign workers $36,886 a year.

The greedy, evil Romney however is paying his campaign workers $51,500 a year.

The exact salaries of the Romney workers cannot be determined because Romney is counting on the RNC and the state parties to provide get out the vote workers while the Obama Campaign is apparently paying people at the local level directly.  But the numbers above apply to the workers who work directly for the two campaigns.

Similarly DNC pays it's people $35,394 a year while the RNC pays its people $40,184 a year.  It would appear odd that the party that constantly declares it's for the "workers" pays its own workers less than the national average while the party the DNC is always declaring to only care about the "rich" makes sure that its employees are fairly compensated.

Does anyone doubt that if Romney were exploiting his employees the way Obam, and the DNC are exploiting those working on Obama's campaign, it would be headline news?

This is another example of how Obama is cheap with his own time and money and lavish with the taxpayers'.

Obama consistently supports high government employee salaries and pensions, but when it's his own money, the money he raises in his incessant fund raising events, he prefers to exploit his workers and pay them as little as possible.

Which one of these two men really cares about other people as individuals?  I'd bet money it's not Obama.

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