Obama reveals what 'moves' him

The president has a brilliant plan to capture the youth vote. It's not unlike his plan from 2008, when he made appearances at rock concerts and served up free pizza to those in attendance.

The variation for 2012 seems to be releasing the White House beer recipe. But not only that. In a recent speech before collage students in Colorado, he urged them to go to a local pizza parlor that named a pizza after Obama, and to order that pizza.

Got it, kids? You now have your marching orders! Order up some Obama pizza, have a beer, and don't worry about a thing.

Sounds like a winning plan to me. How about you?

But that's not all!

When referring to having a pizza named after him, the president told the crowd that he was "deeply moved by this."

I, for one, am relieved to finally understand what moves our president, because it surely isn't our men and women in uniform being killed by our so-called peace partners in Afghanistan. Or babies left to die after botched abortions. Or tens of millions of Americans out of work. Or people being shot on the streets of Chicago every single day. Or the Arab world threatening genocide against Jews.

No, our president is moved by having a pizza named after him.

It brings a tear to my eye (though not in a good way).

The bright side of this madness is that there were so many hilarious comments on the tread I nearly cried laughing. And so, without further ado, enjoy a small sampling:

They also have a Biden pizza which is basically tomato sauce and parmesan served on your foot.

"It's got pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, black olives, and onion." So it's just a combo pizza. What's so special about it?

I ordered the POTUS Pizza for delivery and all I got was an empty box.

A baker wears a shirt that says "I built this!" and the place sells out. Obama says go get a POTUS Pizza and everybody goes to Chick-fil-A.

10,000 dogs went missing in DC in one day, Crazy......

Aren't these tactics of high school class presidents?

He's "deeply moved" that they named a pizza The POTUS and yet people wonder why he's out of touch?

OK. Now that we've had a good laugh, it's back to work. Let's make sure we win in November because we cannot under any circumstances afford four more years of this joker.

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