Obama knew of the omission of God and Jerusalem from the platform before the convention

Two days into the Democratic National Convention, uproar has emerged as the Democratic Party platform was released. Among the controversial platform positions was the removal from previous years' platforms  of "God," the removal of support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the refusal to meet with Hamas, refusal of the right of return for Palestinian refugees to Israel. When controversy ensued, the DNC was forced to backtrack -- at least on the topic of "God" and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In an embarrassing display, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was forced to hold three voice votes before finally deeming the two amendments regarding God and Jerusalem to be reinserted into the platform. See the video here. CNN reported that the nays seemed to exceed the ayes regarding the amendments. Then Villaraigosa just declared the amendments passed - to boos and rancor. Shades of Mayor Daley and the 1968 Convention. Pro-Obama "journalists" spun the...(Read Full Post)