No Republican customers for me

Women--and men--of a certain age might remember Diane von Furstenberg, the poor little Belgian girl who married a German prince, got divorced and later, after some unusual uhm, romances, married a rich American entertainment mogul. Oh, and she became wealthy in America by building a fashion empire. 

During marriage number one the young von Furstenberg couple immigrated to America where they started a fashion business beginning with her iconic one piece wraparound dress.  Comfortable, moderately priced and flattering, the dress propelled her to great wealth and an expanding fashion company with jeans and other items. The contrast between her middle class clothes and the implied elitism of the German von in the eponymous brand contributed to the company's assumed chicness.  And profitability. 

Although her business later declined, Ms. von Furstenberg is ba-a-a-ck.  At an event in her store during Fashion Week's Fashion Night Out in New York last week, she expressed her appreciation for American freedom and opportunity with this liberal expression of diversity.

 "Everyone here better be a Democrat; no Republicans!" She then encouraged everyone to "go home and watch the president at 10 p.m" before rushing out, telling the Post, "I just want to leave and watch the president talk."

Perhaps poor DVF, as she is sometimes known, couldn't afford to purchase a few televisions or some mobile devices for her--hopefully--pure Democratic customers in the store so they could all enjoy a homogenous event together.

And if you are a Republican, or one who appreciates diversity, with a DVF item sullying your closet, well now you know what to do with it.  And what not to buy in the future.