Late Night with Barack Obama

One couldn't help watching the Letterman show the other night and wonder, who would be the better President?

The contest not between Obama and Romney, but between Obama and Letterman.

Obama has the better smile, don't you think? As celebrities they are a tie.

With so little to witness that evening, we did see much in those few minutes revealing the substance of our celebrity President.

Letterman queried what no one in the press corps has had the bravery to do.  Asked to discuss the national debt he inherited, Obama couldn't recite the national budget deficit in 2008, though he refers to it constantly when he speaks to the university crowds.  Any undergrads notice? Wow, Letterman's question was awfully close to a real press conference.  We will have no more of that!

Obama further declared the reason our interest rates are low is because the world thinks we are the safest place to have money.  Whoa! Was that a reference to free market forces?  He also boldly attempted to elevate himself on what he portrayed as a positive international opinion of our nation's fiscal condition. One might ask why the need for an agency, a department, a "branch" of our government, the Federal Reserve, to feel compelled to purchase our own Treasury debt hand over fist at each auction and in the open market?  And what of the two downgrades of our debt during the past 2 years? No free market at work here, Mr. President. One wonders if Obama even knows these things are occurring.  For if he does know, and speaks as he did on the show, he is being intellectually dishonest.  If he doesn't know, we may further confirm what is suspected.

Obama plays to the under informed and it was never more evident than his theatrics to the Letterman audience.  He must think them dull.  If only he had a saxophone! He could have been more Clintonesque. Maybe Obama didn't know what the Fed is doing,  the 2008 national debt, or that he was hosted by either a serial OSHA violator or a warrior on women. Celebrities don't think so deep.  Nor do they question. The never ending need for face time on national TV  has yielded a record seven visits to a late night show.

No more Special Olympic jokes though.