Is Obama sending out anti-Mormon messages

Have you noticed that President Obama has been pictured drinking a lot of beer lately (here are some snapshots)?

Oddly the White House even sent out a beer recipe.

What is going on here? Of course, given the parlous state of his presidency one can understand Mr. Choom wanting to relieve some tension every now and then. He also has a problem generating support among white, blue-collar males. He and his handlers must believe that, heck, all white blue-collar men do is drink beer. So why not curry favor by releasing photo-ops downing a few (similar to Michelle pics shopping at Target).

Isn't it bad form for a president to be seen drinking so much anyway? How does Michelle with her anti-obesity campaign feel about all that boozing? Do people really think the man who advised farmers in Iowa to grow arugula back in 2008 and was known in Chicago as a gourmand really drink that much beer - as opposed to fine wines?

But could there be something more insidious and disgraceful going on?

Does he want to point out that Mitt Romney does not drink beer and therefore "isn't one of the guys"?

Mitt Romney does not drink beer because he is a faithful Mormon and his religion prohibits the consumption of alcohol.

I recall that over one year ago, Obama's advisers and aides admitted that was a plan to paint Romney as being "weird" .

Is this part of a plan to cleverly paint Romney just not into a corner but paint him as the "other?"

Just a few days ago, Charles Lane of the Washington Post revealed a plan by Obama supporters to attack Romney's Mormonism .

The latest manifestation of anti-Mormonism occurred just a few days ago.

Lane writes:

The latest manifestation, though, reported in the Post on Tuesday, has been strangely overlooked since. I refer to a Labor Day weekend meeting among two dozen of the most influential African American pastors in swing-state Virginia's Tidewater region, during which the clergymen discussed attacking Romney's Mormonism.

Obama himself said that in politics, he believes in bringing a gun to a knife fight. For a man who talks endlessly about fairness, he does not practice what he preaches - and, neither, apparently, do some preachers supporting his reelection.

Lest we forget, there were similar efforts made in 2008 to portray Senator John McCain as being too old to handle the Presidency. There was a widely publicized photo-op of Barack Obama filling sandbags; something John McCain could not do because of injuries he suffered when he was tortured by his North Vietnamese captors. Obama surrogate, John Kerry, also "joked" about John McCain wearing "Depends" adult diapers.

Kerry has quite the sense of humor.

Watch for more references to Romney being a Mormon in the weeks ahead.

So much for the grand uniter.