How Hillary Clinton really feels about the rich

Daniel Halper at the Weekly Standard has some truly shocking quotes from Hillary Clinton made at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting yesterday:

"One of the issues that I have been preaching about around the world is collecting taxes in an equitable manner, especially from the elites in every country," Clinton said to laughter from the audience. "You know I'm out of American politics, but - (applause) - it is a fact that around the world, the elites of every country are making money."

Clinton continued her rift on the rich. "There are rich people everywhere. And yet they do not contribute to the growth of their own countries."

The secretary of state suggested that the rich around the world do not give back to their communities. "They don't invest in public schools, in public hospitals, in other kinds of development internally," said Clinton.

She continued, saying that it is up to foreign leaders to make the change. "And so it means for leaders telling powerful people things they don't want to hear," Clinton said.

"It means being transparent about budgets and revenues and bringing corruption to light. And when that happens, we shouldn't punish countries for uncovering corruption. We should reward them for doing so. And it means putting in place regulations designed to attract and protect investment."

Halper says that she is proposing a "global tax" on elites but I don't see that. More like individual countries should act more like President Obama in bashing the rich and raising taxes on them.

But her message is incoherent. "There are rich people everywhere. And yet they do not contribute to the growth of their own countries..." is a childishly simplistic view of wealth, not to mention being just plain wrong. Most rich people are rich because they own the means of production thus contributing to wealth creation and economic growth.

But then she says that "regulations designed to attract and protect investment" should be put in place. Shorter Hillary: Punitively tax the rich but then expect that nations can attract investment by regulations.

And this woman will run for president in 2016.

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