Hey Republicans: stop saying 'Forward'

For the love of Pete, can someone please get an urgent message to Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and any other Republican candidate or surrogate for that matter, and tell them to STOP saying FORWARD!

Every time I hear a Republican, especially Romney, Ryan or Reince Priebus use the word forward I just cringe. Is there something about Barack Obama's campaign slogan that they just can't seem to resist saying it almost every time they open their mouths?

In an age where you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a political strategist, there has to be at least one Republican "strategist" on the planet that has picked-up on this. Seriously - I mean it - is anyone hearing this? Bueller? Bueller?

Granted, in today's anemic economy, forward is probably one of the best adjectives to help explain your vision for the country, especially if you're running for president. After all, forward sounds so positive - who wouldn't want to go there? Seriously, why do you think the Obama campaign chose that word?

So for all you Republican "strategists," if you are listening, here are some ways to use (or not) forward that are guaranteed to have a negative impact on Obama's campaign - and also help yours:

Don't ever say forward again - ever! Use "ahead" or "move ahead" instead.

Take a page out of Sarah Palin's political handbook and belittle the word forward. Make forward a joke and equate it with Obama's dismal record as president; so every time Obama or one of his surrogates uses the word forward, the joke will be on them. Who doesn't remember, "How's that Hopey-changey stuff working for ya?" Hope and change has a lot different connotations since Palin started lampooning President Obama with it - and none of them positive. And have you noticed the Obama campaign pretty much steers clear of "hope and change" now? Maybe Romney should try this on for size: "If forward is where Obama has been taking us for the last four years, there are 23 million unemployed Americans not interested in going there." You see how easy this is?

If you must use forward in your talking points, always show it in a negative light or in a way that makes you look good. Such as: "Obama's forward is straight off the fiscal cliff" or, "Romney and Ryan plan to actually use a map when they move the economy forward."  Remember, there are no rules in politics so turn the tables and make Obama's slogan work in your favor!

Use negative comparisons of other "leaders" who also moved, or wanted to move, their people forward. Such as: Jimmy Carter or any European leader that "moved forward past capitalism and into socialism and communism."  I'm pretty sure most Americans don't want to go there!

It's not too late to get started on this strategy - there's about 45 days left to pound this home!

So let's get moving - ahead that is.