FBI facial recognition technology a threat to liberty?

Some privacy advocates think so. Government's ability to spy on us, track us, and now pick us out of a crowd is growing faster than our ability to assess the threats to our freedom. You don't have to be a paranoid to ask legitimate questions about where all this is leading: They're watching you -- or at least will be in a couple of years. That's when the FBI is gearing up for a nationwide launch of a $1 billion project designed to identify people of interest, according to the New Scientist. Dubbed the Next Generation Identification (NGI) program, the high-tech endeavor uses biometric data such as DNA analysis, iris scans and voice identification to track down folks with a criminal history. The FBI also plans to take NGI on the road literally by using public cameras to pick faces from the crowd and cross check them with its national repository of images. Let's just say this facial technology isn't going to be used for lighthearted Japanese vocaloid hijinks or unlocking your...(Read Full Post)