Enemies without, enemies within and the battle for free speech

As the fires burn across the Middle East, Barack Obama and his surrogates loudly insist that the wave of Islamic attacks on American interests, including the brutal murder of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, has all been caused by a YouTube video. As many observers have noted, this tactic is useful in deflecting attention from the administration's security failures, but it also serves a more sinister purpose: facilitating the suppression of political speech in America. Federal officials are investigating the maker of "Innocence for Muslims," which sat unnoticed on YouTube for months before the current Islamic violence began on September 11. The Obama-appointed chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who presumably swore an oath to defend the Constitution, personally requested that Pastor Terry Jones withdraw his support from the film. Obama's minions are also pressuring Google, which owns YouTube, to blacklist the video. All this is taking place under the constraints imposed by the...(Read Full Post)