Education Reformer Michelle Rhee Says GOP Shouldn't 'Kowtow' to Tea Party

Weighing in on education reform at the Democratic National Convention last week, Michelle Rhee, former DC Schools Chancellor, and CEO of the lobbying organization StudentsFirst said the Republican Party shouldn't "kowtow to the special interests within their own party." After almost two years of vetting Rhee as a liberal Democrat who won the hearts and minds of conservative Republicans, we are seeing our apprehension of her motives vindicated. We've been covering both Democrats' and Republicans' reactions to Rhee since our first article about her in AT in January 2011. Teachers' unions have been rabidly opposed to her reforms while those on the right have embraced her ideas as well as implemented her suggested policy changes in their school systems. Since forming StudentsFirst in early 2011 she has co-opted the right's traditional message on education--school choice, vouchers, accountability by teachers and administrators, and charter schools. But a recent National Journal article...(Read Full Post)