Democratic platform abandons pro-Israel positions on borders, refugees, Hamas

If you rely only on mainstream media, you might think that the Democratic Party's plank on Israel ended up solidly pro-Israel, notwithstanding a raucous dispute over Jerusalem.  After all, the delegates restored language on Jerusalem as the capital of Israel -- or so the chair ruled even though the decibel count on the voice vote fell short of the required two-thirds margin.  But the final upshot nevertheless was to reaffirm a pro-Israel stance that the party had adopted in previous presidential-election cycles.  Thus, going into the final 2012 campaign laps, the Democrats are again fully supportive of Israel. If that's your view, you are wrong, wrong, and wrong -- on three issues that rank as important as the future of Jerusalem. Four years ago, the Democratic Party took a firm stance against Hamas, the terrorist group which now rules Gaza.  The 2008 platform called for complete isolation of Hamas until it renounces terrorism, recognizes Israel's right to exist...(Read Full Post)