Boxing Romney

As we are witnessing the next chapter of the Arab Winter unfold, the media, as usual, are asking all the wrong questions of the wrong person.

First, there appears to have been a coordinated pounce on Romney after his recent statement following the embassy breach and murder of our Libyan ambassador.

And now this. In the midst of the violence that is continuing to spread to other countries, the media is asking: "Who's Advising Mitt Romney on Foreign Policy?" (You'll be shocked -- shocked! -- to learn that one of his advisors had the temerity to travel to Israel with Governor Romney not once, but three times! Oh, the horror!)

The media is doing their best to box Governor Romney into a corner. In their eyes, President Obama's bungling of Middle East diplomacy is not an issue, but anything that Romney does, anyone he talks to, anything he doesn't do that the media tell us he should have done --- well, you get the picture -- will be used against him. He'll be damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. If he speaks too late, he'll be criticized. If he speaks to soon, he'll be criticized. And no matter what he says, the media will frame it as all wrong.

So, to echo many voices around the conservative blogosphere: Governor Romney, please start fighting. Don't get boxed into a corner. Just box!