Battling the Zombies

Last week I had a conversation with a very elderly neighbor who is an Obama supporter. He is constantly provoking me about my political views, barking at me, "Why do you think that? How do you know that? Who said that?" and so forth. If I try to answer him, I get cut off immediately. So I put together some talking points and asked if he would like to read them. Miraculously he said, "yes." I held my breath, waiting and wondering how he might respond, wondering if it might lead to a productive dialogue. But it didn't. Less than an hour later, he nearly threw the written information at me and made it clear he didn't want to read it. He then shouted, "Do you think Romney cares about you? Do you think Romney cares about anyone?" And so crystallized the moment: Romney, like all conservatives and Republicans, is cold-hearted, greedy, and cares about no one but himself. Conversely, the narrative about the Democrats is that they care. The intractable nature of this belief confirmed what Yuri...(Read Full Post)