Battling the Zombies

Last week I had a conversation with a very elderly neighbor who is an Obama supporter. He is constantly provoking me about my political views, barking at me, "Why do you think that? How do you know that? Who said that?" and so forth.

If I try to answer him, I get cut off immediately.

So I put together some talking points and asked if he would like to read them. Miraculously he said, "yes."
I held my breath, waiting and wondering how he might respond, wondering if it might lead to a productive dialogue.

But it didn't.

Less than an hour later, he nearly threw the written information at me and made it clear he didn't want to read it. He then shouted, "Do you think Romney cares about you? Do you think Romney cares about anyone?"

And so crystallized the moment: Romney, like all conservatives and Republicans, is cold-hearted, greedy, and cares about no one but himself. Conversely, the narrative about the Democrats is that they care. The intractable nature of this belief confirmed what Yuri Besmenov explained about Communist infiltration into our society and the brain washing that occurs - brainwashing so complete there is no breaking through.

Then I stumbled on this piece at Legal Insurrection, where Professor Jacobson offers another vivid example of this mental disease on display.

Cameraman: What's wrong with Romney?

Obama supporter: Uh. He's for the rich.

Cameraman: He says he's not going to raise taxes on the middle class... What if he cut taxes for everybody, would that be good for you?

Obama supporter: No.

Cameraman: Are things better with Obama?

Obama supporter: ...Well things are definitely not worse.

Cameraman: Did you see our Ambassador got assassinated in Libya?

Obama supporter: He probably had it coming.

Cameraman: So Obama can't solve the middle east problem for us?

Obama supporter: Well, neither can Romney.

Which brings me to this: Statistically it appears that most Americans disapprove of Obama, think America is heading in the wrong direction, are worse off now than they were four years ago, want the health care bill repealed, don't trust Washington, and don't trust the media.

So, irrespective of polling accuracy/bias, there is a toxic and dangerous disease gaining ground in this country that has rendered tens of millions of Americans unable to think for themselves, process information, or make rational decisions in their own best interest.

No one knows how many of these zombies are out there. All I know is we sure as heck better make sure we're doing everything in our power to win on Election Day because this election is so much bigger than stopping Obama. We need to educate new generations of Americans in order to overcome the millions upon millions who will sleep walk to the polls on Election Day and cast their votes.