As Middle East erupts in anti-American demonstrations, Obama talks with Letterman about White House homebrew

It's time to discard "Forward." as the Obama campaign slogan and replace it with "What, me worry?"  The Obama outreach to the Muslim world has collapsed in flames and the economy is accelerating toward the fiscal cliff, but Barack Obama, who had no time to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu, went on David Letterman to talk about the purported home brew honey beer being produced at the White House. As the president must know from his youth spent in Indonesia, alcohol consumption is haram - unclean and forbidden.  But it turns out that independent voters are beer drinkers, so the man who bemoaned the price of arugula in Iowa during his first campaign for president now poses as a beer drinkin' guy, juist an ordinary joe (with a taste for waguy beef). Oddly enough, when Letterman asked him if the home brewing was legal, Obama responded, "I don't know."  (video here) Am I the only person who finds this stunning?  That the president of the United States who has added thousands...(Read Full Post)