Are American voters waking up to reality about Israel and the Middle East?

Two recent events suggest that the conversation in the U.S. about Israel and the Middle East may be changing for the good.  One of them involves GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.  In a High Holy Days conference call with American Rabbis, Romney explained that the U.S. should impose "Red Lines" on Iran and that the U.S. should seek an indictment against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the United Nations Security Council for his repeated calls for Israel's annihilation: In a High Holidays conference call for American rabbis held this evening, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney outlined his Red Lines on Iran, called for Iranian President Ahmadinejad to be indicted, and for the U.S. to treat Iran as it did apartheid South Africa. "For me the red line is nuclear capability. We do not want them to have the capacity of building a bomb that threatens ourselves, our friends, or the world," said Romney, responding to a question from Rabbi Efrem Goldberg who...(Read Full Post)