A big reason Romney can't seem to get a lead

Herer are some headlines that were posted by major news sources and media this past Wednesday regarding:

Existing home sales, housing starts jump in August 7.8%;

Existing home sales take off in August;

Sales of US Existing Homes Climb to a Two-Year High;

Housing market showing broader signs of improvement.

These headlines are only a slight taste of the major drive by the media to tell everyone how good housing is. But here are the numbers behind the positive headlines:

-- Three years into the Obama Recovery, existing home sales in August came in at an annual rate of 4.82M. This is down from a rate of 5.18M in September 2008, after years of the "Bush Economy."

-- Three years into the Obama Recovery, the average price for existing home sales came in at $187,400. This is down from $190,600 in September 2008 after years of the "Bush Economy."

-- Three years into the Obama Recovery, housing starts in august came in at annual rate of 750,000 units. This is down from the 872,000 units in September 2008 after years of the "Bush Economy."

Granted, back in September 2008 things in housing were heading downward, whereas now they are flat or trending upward. But if your numbers three years into a recovery are worse off than one year into a recession and two years after a bust, one can only conclude that your recovery stinks and the recession was perhaps not as bad as you presented it to be.

But from the panicky reports of October 2008 vs. the happy joyful headlines now, you would think that the numbers were reverse. This is the reason why Romney can't seem to win this thing: We are now worse off than in the worse months of the Bush Economy, yet from following the news you would not know it, nor would you know that gas prices in recent months are worse than all besides a handful of months during Bush's time in office.

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