WH tells reporters what questions to ask Barack Obama

Now we know why-when President Obama deigns to talk to the media-he chooses local outlets and venues such as Entertainment Tonight and People magazine.  He can overawe them by the chance to talk to a President and he can script the questions they will ask him. So not only do we have photo-ops but also phony interviews. From veteran WH reporter Keith Koffler in a column titled "White House Sets Ground Rules for Local Interviews": The White House is doing something with its local TV interviews that it could not easily get away with in encounters with the White House press corps, which President Obama has been studiously ignoring: choosing the topic about which President Obama and the reporter will talk. In interviews with three local TV stations Monday, two from states critical to Obama's reelection effort, Obama held forth on the possibility of "sequestration" if he and Congress fail to reach a budget deal, allowing him to make his favorite political point that Republicans are...(Read Full Post)