Wash. Post sees aggressive intentions by Israel. but not by Iran

Al-Quds Day is an annual Iranian hate fest to rouse Muslims to destroy Israel.  It's held on the last Friday of Ramadan.  This year's observance had the usual propaganda trappings with Iranian leaders pledging to eliminate the Jewish state. "The fake Zionist regime will disappear from the landscape of geography," vowed Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.  "This Islamic land will certainly be returned to the Palestinian nation." Brig. Gen. Jalali, head of Iran's civil defense organization and former commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, was even more explicit.  "To liberate Palestine, no other way exists apart from resolve and strength to completely eliminate and destroy Israel," he declared. And Iranian President Ahmadinejad, true to form, chimed in by promising a "new Middle East with no trace of Americans or Israelis."  The time has come, he added, to "remove the Zionist black stain from humanity." Given that this drumbeat to destroy Israel is an annual...(Read Full Post)