US accuses Hezb'allah of being deeply involved in Syrian civil war

Most of the evidence of Hezb'allah involvement in the Syrian civil war has been anecdotal, or from the opposition. But the US government claims it has evidence the terrorist group's deep involvement in the war. New York Times: The United States accused the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah on Friday of a deep involvement in the Syria government's violent campaign to crush the uprising there, asserting that Hezbollah has trained and advised government forces inside Syria and helped to expel opposition fighters from areas of the country. The American accusations, which were contained in coordinated announcements by the Treasury and State Departments announcing new sanctions on Syria, also accused Hezbollah of helping operatives of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Quds Force in training Syrian forces inside Syria. A Treasury statement said Hezbollah's secretary general, Hassan Nasrallah, had overseen these activities, which it called part of the Syria government's "increasingly...(Read Full Post)