Urgently Seeking a Solution for What We Know

This much we know: The mainstream media leans way to the left and so-called journalists have abandoned any sense of professional integrity. They are out of the closet as lefties. And their hatred for us is made abundantly clear every single day. And this much we know: Our education system, from kindergarten through college, is overrun by leftists. From textbooks, to curriculum, to classroom lectures, the youth of America are being indoctrinated into a progressive mind set. They are not being taught how to think for themselves. They are being taught what to think. With each generation we have increasing numbers of citizens with a profoundly skewed view of reality. Not just because they've been taught a certain perspective. But also because they have not even been taught the truth when it comes to nuts and bolts facts. The media then validates their views, which are further fueled by college graduates joining the ranks of major media outlets. And so it goes. A circle that feeds on...(Read Full Post)