Two Things Every Voter Needs to Know about Paul Ryan

As most of you know, Congressman Ryan lost his father and grandfather when they were young. As a result, Ryan takes great pains to stay healthy, including physical work-outs to stay in shape. But did you know that he is too in shape? Turns out, he is. At least according to Al Sharpton.  You see, it turns out Congressman Ryan is really a political slacker who spends most of his time working out. According to Sharpton, Congressman Ryan is more concerned about being buff than he is about doing his job. Well I, for one, am certainly glad we got that cleared up. But that's not all. Paul Ryan is also trying to portray himself in a disingenuous way. (The plot thickens.) How? By wearing a suit jacket a size too big. Oh yes, folks. The New York Times has weighed in on Paul Ryan's attire and they are zeroing in on the outrage that is Paul Ryan's suit jacket. And if you didn't notice it, allow me to bring you up to speed: Congressman Ryan's jacket is a size too big. Why he's swimming in it....(Read Full Post)