Two Indulgences We Cannot Afford

"Obama is toast." "We're going to win in a landslide." "We could put up any candidate and beat Obama." "The polls are skewed. Don't believe them. We're going to win." You hear a lot of that around the conservative blogosphere. And while confidence is usually a good trait, in this case I'd rather place my bets on working hard for our team over premature gloating any day. No one knows what will happen on Election Day. What we do know is that Obama has a history of running ruthless campaigns. And winning. There is only one solution: We all must fight as hard as we can every single day. Not talking about it. Not procrastinating about it. Doing it! So ask yourself: What have you been doing to advance our chances of winning the White House in November? If you're simply planning to vote, that's not enough. If you haven't done anything, figure out one thing you can do today and do it. If you've been doing something, inspire others to do the same and see if you can do a little bit...(Read Full Post)