The Obama Identity

Thomas Sowell, the distinguished economist and political analyst, rarely goes to the cinema. However, he drove 30mi to see this cinema production.. The theater was jammed and the audience watched in rapt attention. The movie? The documentary 2016 produced by Dinesh D'Souza, the author of best-selling book, "The Roots of Obama's Rage" and directed by Gerald Molen of Schindler’s List fame.

D'’Souza is of the conviction that Obama’s upbringing has given him the firm belief that US has gained its great wealth and position in the world by exploitation of the third world. He is convinced that Obama’s mindset is closed on that point and that Obama is equally convinced that great wealth, not just of nations but of individuals and of corporations in general, is obtained by exploitation. To Obama's mind that great imbalance of wealth must be redressed even if that means a diminished America. If  D'Souza is right then Obama is a sneak. Obama does not openly proclaim and defend his position.

What is amazing in all this is that the question of the Obama identity persists. No president in the history of the US has remotely come close Obama as regards the persistent question of his identity. Nixon, Carter, Roosevelt, Reagan, Coolidge - you name the president. For none of them was identity an issue. Their policies reflected their beliefs. What they stood for was not an issue. Liberals and conservatives might disagree with the merit of their arguments and policies but like them or hate them, their identity was not an issue.

That the Obama identity issue persists is in itself damning evidence that the projected identity is not the real identity. And one would vote for that because...why? 

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