The Mega Rich and the Rest of Us

The enormous mansions on acres of property still ignite my memory. Growing up, one of the things my family would do for fun on the week-end was to drive around super wealthy neighborhoods and look at the houses sitting on acres of land. It was a blast! My imagination would go crazy trying to picture what it would be like to live in those homes. It never occurred to me, or anyone in my family, that the people who lived in those houses owed us anything. Nor did it occur to us that we would be more prosperous if rich people were less rich. And thank goodness! Mind you, no one in my family was a conservative. But even among Democrats in those days, class warfare was not on the agenda the way it is now. At least I don't think it was. Flash forward several years. As a young still-liberal adult, I recall visiting with a neighbor who worked from home. We both lived in the same apartment complex comprised of 2-bedroom apartments. I remember a conversation that has stayed with me to this...(Read Full Post)