The Greatest Piece of Performance Art in American Political History

Americans  have a firm appreciation for sports metaphors. So if one looks at our political process to select the President as the "Super Bowl" then it could be implied that the two conventions are the first and second quarters respectively. The second half, with both conventions gaveled to a close, will show how each competing team R and D adjusts to address what plays happened in the first half. The Republican's just had a spectacular first quarter, in my opinion, their best Convention ever, and it is soon time for the Ds to run their game plan. However, something uniquely American happened during the Republican convention -- a new, never seen before play was run. An iconic and extremely successful artist created an original, entirely unique moments in our political history. Clint Eastwood gave one of the greatest pieces of performance art ever seen. Clint Eastwood  knew exactly what he was doing -- as both an actor AND director he knows full well how to deliver a message...(Read Full Post)