Speaking of Rape and the War on Women - Democrats Oppose Mandatory Sentences for Child Rapists

Even though almost every major figure in the Republican party and the conservative movement has condemned him and called for him to leave the race, Democrats are now accusing Republicans of condoning rape and a "war on women" because of Missouri GOP Senate nominee Todd Akin's clueless comments on the subject. So it's worth looking at how many Democrats treat the crime of rape in the real world. As anyone with direct experience knows, whenever you find a politician, judge, or lawyer raging about the harshness of the criminal justice system, pushing rehabilitation and parole programs for child-molesters and sex offenders, rallying behind cop killers, or working to disarm or prosecute people who seek to defend themselves from becoming potential victims, it's almost always a Democrat. A case in point is the stance Virginia Democrats have taken against a popular state law providing for mandatory sentencing of child rapists. In March, the Virginia state legislature overwhelmingly passed a...(Read Full Post)