Raw Footage: Charlotte Abortionist Slurs Blacks

Operation Save America, a pro-life group, confronted Dr. Ashutosh Ron Virmani, an abortionist practicing in Charlotte North Carolina, at his house. They caught him on video telling the pro-lifers they should "adopt one of those ugly black babies" if they're so keen on trying to save them. A quick search of Virmani's credentials online show he earned an IT degree in India, then immigrated to the U.S. eventually earning a Masters in Electrical Engineering, then an M.D. in gynecology. He claims in a short bio he turned toward medicine for "humanitarian" reasons. After reading through several articles he wrote for the Indian-Asian social network Sulekha.com back in the years 2002-2003, there's no doubt he's coming from a Marxist viewpoint. Corporations are evil, and the U.S. leads the way in keeping the rest of the world from getting their fair share. From his article "Three Ps That Plague This Planet": Rather, America should share its wealth with those less fortunate, at home and...(Read Full Post)