Plagiarizing writer was to speak on ethics

While New Yorker writer Jonah Lehrer was busy imaginatively creating phony Bob Dylan quotes and plagiarizing from himself, among others, for his book Imagine:How Creativity Works his agent was booking him for--and I am definitely not making this up--a lecture on...ethics.

The speech was to have been part of a lecture series co-sponsored by the Robert Simpson Charles Lectureship in Ethics Endowed Fund.

That lecture has been canceled, says Mark Blackmon, a public affairs officer for the school. "We felt that, given everything that is transpiring, this is not exactly something we would move forward with, given the fact that this fund is to fund lectures in ethics," says Blackmon.

Certainly the liberal Lehrer saw no contradiction between his actions and his talk. Was serial plagiarizer Vice President Joe Biden his inspiration?

Just asking. Because we definitely need some answers as to why liberals are given such a free pass on their reflexive cheating.