Our Feelings are Irrelevant

There has been an endless stream of pieces in the blogosphere offering hope or despair regarding our prospects for winning the White House this fall. Rich Baehr paints a depressing picture that does not bode well for our team, while Bruce Walker provides a more encouraging perspective.  John Nolte recently made a compelling case for how Obama is winning so far. And on and on. One thing's for sure, recent polling trends have not been good. And while many are writing about how polls favor Democrats, I would warn against putting too many eggs in that basket. Meanwhile, talk abounds about Obama's strategy to demoralize conservatives. Well, maybe some do feel demoralized. But the thing is, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter one bit whether we feel encouraged or discouraged. Our task is clear: We must do everything in our power to ensure Obama is not re-elected. It is irrelevant how we feel. It's up to us, whether we feel hopeful or not. No event is going to save us. No future moment...(Read Full Post)