Our Ever-Shrinking Lexicon

Conservatives cannot talk about "food stamps" because it's code for some evil racist message. In a refreshing, much-needed moment, Newt Gingrich smacked that one down quite nicely. Conservatives cannot talk about "Chicago" because that's also racist. Conservatives must not say the word "angry" when referring to the president, because, well, by now we all know where this leads....racism! Conservatives cannot talk about the president and "golf." Because, apparently, when you think about Obama and golf you think about Tiger Woods and sordid sex and it's all very demeaning and, well, you know the rest. Who would have guessed? There are many more "code" words, apparently. And no doubt in the weeks ahead, the left will continue to try to "educate" the public about them. ("Educate" being code for lie, distort, mangle, and mislead.) In fact, the State Department has put our tax dollars to good use by coming up with a guide to offensive words and phrases. I'm the last person who wants to...(Read Full Post)