Objective Fact-Checkers Still Can't Get the Facts Straight on Romney's Taxes

The Obama campaign is running an ad claiming that Mitt Romney pays a lower tax rate than that of the average American.  Following the ad's release, PolitiFact published an article rating it as "Half-True."  From the article: There are two main ways to make this calculation, and they lead to opposite conclusions. While we believe that including payroll taxes in the calculation offers a more accurate picture of what the American public pays the IRS, it's also true that the Obama ad didn't specify which measurement it was using, and in fact used a figure for Romney -- 14 percent -- that was based on income taxes alone. On balance, then, we rate the claim Half True. Unfortunately for PolitiFact, their analysis completely misses the boat.  First, as pointed out by Just Facts in rebutting FactCheck.org last week, Romney pays substantial corporate taxes, something both FactCheck.org and PolitiFact fail to account for in their respective analyses.  According to Just...(Read Full Post)